Videocall & Live Chat Counselling

After the initial assessment has taken place; we begin to work on each of the key concerns. The counsellor may teach you skills and techniques as well as recommend some appropriate books, articles or videos to help you better manage your distress.

The last 5 minutes will be used to write the session notes in a collaborative way. After the notes are written, the client/s can use this opportunity to reflect with the therapist on how that session went for them.

  • What stood out to them as the main focus during that particular session?
  • What stood out to them as something they could do differently over the next week?
  • What insight surprised or motivated them?
a man engaged in live chat counselling

Important Note: No Audio Recordings are allowed to be sent during a live-chat session, since the whole purpose of this form of counselling is to use the written form, otherwise this would affect the privacy & confidentiality from the client’s location. If you don’t feel comfortable typing, then video-call counselling is recommended, please tell the counsellor if you want to change to video-call.

Tips and Advice

Couple's Counselling Structure

A lesbian couple in a relationship counselling session

Important Note: Couple's Counselling can only be carried out by video call due to the nature of the dynamic between the three parties.

an interracial couple in a relationship counselling session

After the first session when the contract has been explored, the initial assessments will be carried out with one individual at a time in different sessions, to assess the needs and goals for each individual within the couple. Therefore during those individual sessions the other partner must not be present in the same room (ideally not in the house, to avoid potential eaves dropping).

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