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What is Online Counselling?


You direct your counselling by selecting the method of communication you feel most comfortable with and the pace of your counselling to suit your needs.


You ensure all your sessions are private by using headphones in a private space.


You engage safely in counselling, over the internet, using videocalls or online live-chat through end-to-end encrypted and open-source software platforms.

End-to-end encryption ensures a higher confidentiality whilst using the software. However, no single software is infallible, the internet is by definition never 100% secure (but neither are face to face interactions, unless you self-isolate in the middle of a field with no people or technology around you!)

Open-source software means that it allows transparency in terms of how the data is handled and ensures accountability and external verification that the software is run in an ethical way.

  • Counselling therapy from your own home without having to travel.
  • Secure encrypted software offers confidentiality and peace of mind.
  • No chance that you may be seen entering the counsellor’s practice office.
  • When using email or online chat, you are able to review what you are saying before sending.
  • Therapy at a time, safe place and pace that suits you.
  • Some find it easier to express their feelings by writing it down.
  • Access to counselling may be more immediate.
  • Flexibility to choose the technology you feel is best for you: email, live chat or videocall.

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Benefits of Online Counselling

Options for Online Therapy

You get to choose your most comfortable online medium where the sessions will be carried out, such as: videocall, live-chat or email.

The location of the therapist will be in the therapist’s house in a safe and private room, using headphones.

The ideal location for the client should be the same, however there is flexibility depending on your living arrangements.

Careful consideration has to be taken in terms of privacy from listening ears and safety regarding the internet network used.

This should be a private one with password security, never a public internet hotspot where there is no security whatsoever.

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Things to consider

  • How comfortable do you feel using software applications such as Skype, WhatsApp or Zoom?
  • Do you feel you can express your feelings clearly using written words only?
  • Do you feel your situation is too complex or unsafe to discuss via the internet?
  • Is there a computer/device that you can use privately without interruption?
  • Whilst using online chat or email, neither you or the counsellor can see facial expressions or body language as this can lead to a misunderstanding.
  • Would you share the same information at the same pace if you were face to face? This question reflects on the online disinhibition effect.

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